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Like most hospitality businesses, peak seasons can be influenced by events going on within the city. Sporting events, concerts, conventions, exhibitions, festivals, usually draw a larger amount of customers into the club. School holidays and family related events such as mother’s day/father’s day, Christmas, Easter, usually are a bit quieter than usual.

Men usually have family commitments during those periods. It’s much easier for them to sneak off to see the rippers after a few pints at the football or races than it is after Christmas or Fathers day.

Below I have a listed the major events in Melbourne and place a $ to represent the earning potential for each month.


Melbourne’s White Night


Melbourne’s Grand Prix

AFL Season

Anzac Day
Comedy Festival

AFL Season
AFL Season

AFL Season

Comic con

End of financial year

AFL Season
Brownlow $$$$




Melbourne Cup

Tattoo Expo

X-mas parties

Tradie Break-up

Obviously every week is different and you might not know about new compulsory Tradie classes than are on in the CBD that halls in trades men from all over the state to learn about new Victorian Trade Regulations, or the political debate that has drawn in Politian’s from all over the country. These events can also draw in crowds.

Saturday’s are usually the busiest nights, closely followed by Friday’s, Thursday’s and Sunday’s can sometimes be busy and Wednesday’s, Tuesday’s are a bit more slow, Monday’s in my experience are the quietest nights.

Day shifts are a completely different kettle of men. In my experience, usually Friday’s are the busiest – Tuesdays are the quietest.


 Day shift

  • If the club charges housefee, day shift can be free or cheaper than night shift.
  • Customers are fans of naked women and know why they came to the strip club, usually (but definitely not always) they have wife and kids at home and this is their only free time.
  • Day shift customers know the drill and don’t want to waste time because they are usually popping in during their lunch break.
  • Entertainers are required to talk to them in complete sentences and can expect coherent answers in return.
  • Regulars are more consistent visitors and conversation exchanged is more engaging and interesting
  • Bonus points: you get your nights back
  • Minus points: You make a lot less money
  • Day shifts can be a great way start stripping if you a nervous and suffer from anxiety

Night shift

  • Housefee can cost more
  • Customers are more likely to be drunk, disrespectful, difficult and time wasters
  • You time will be more frequently wasted with questions regarding lapdances, prices, can I get extra
  • Usually busier
  • Bonus points: you will make more money
  • Minus points: you will become a vampire and make your immune system weaker

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