Stripper Witch, Seraphina talks ‘Whorescopes’

As I write this, Mercury is in retrograde until April 15.

Retrograde means Mercury is appearing to turn in the opposite direction in relation to other planets within its solar system, east-to-west. Planets, normally, move west-to-east (prograde motion). I should stress that Mercury is not actually moving backwards in its orbit, if you were to look at the sky, Mercury would appear to be moving backwards because of the relative positions of the planet, Earth and how they are moving around the Sun.

Astrologist read planets positions and movements and then interpret their most probable influence on our behaviour.

Devoted astrologist, Seraphina, also; writer, tarot devotee, witch and stripper, provides us with ‘Whorescopes‘ on survivetheclub to warn strippers when to prepare for bad customers, any work frustrations or an abundance of money that is coming our way!

It’s fascinating to read my February whore-o-scope! I am a Gemini, and Seraphina predicted I would self-brand and revamp my website or social media presence. Aquarius New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse will birth ideas on February 15th compelling me to think about my brainpower, perhaps i’ll return to school or adopt a new course or start a blog called Humans of the Strip Club! 

Previously written for NylonRefinery29, MTV, plus more, under real name, Christie Craft, Seraphina openly outed herself as a stripper in her writings and incidentally, around the same time much of her work ended.

Now, she provides plenty of Whorescopes updates on her Instagram @witch.slut, under stage name, Seraphina. Kindly, she found time to answer some of my questions (I should have asked about what to expect with Mercury in retrograde – I’m sorry!).

What inspired you to become a stripper?
I was 21 years old, living in New York City, going to college…and I really needed a job — and money! A friend who danced and worked underground “hostess parties” encouraged me to give it a shot, so I did. She seemed so powerful, and I wanted to thrive, too. Her inspiration really sparked my entrepreneurial side and fostered a lust for independence. Plus, I was a competitive gymnast for most of my childhood and into my teens, so the physicality and performance element of the job really appealed to me as fun. Though I’m not sure I would have ever auditioned at a club if it weren’t for her encouragement.

When did your love for astrology begin?
I became fascinated with astrology and, frankly, figuring people out probably around 10 years old. My babysitter had first-edition prints of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs and Love Signs from the late 1960’s. I read them obsessively until I got my own copies, then began branching out to new books and authors on the topic.

Astrology, as it relates to personality and psychology, seemed like a tool I needed to master urgently and wanted badly to be an expert in as a kid. At the same time, I was developing a young passion for witchcraft and studying the occult and esoteric practices. So this group of spiritual “disciplines” grew together as the tenants of how I live my life. I think that’s a common evolution for many witches.

You write ‘Whorescopes’, can this help prepare Strippers for the night ahead?
Definitely. Giving strippers (and other sex workers) insight into navigating life by selecting and using the most powerful tools available to them individually is absolutely my goal with “Whoreoscopes.” That’s a huge reason why I began working with Survive the Club and writing more on astrology and witchcraft: I wanted to share with other strippers and sex workers how I used astrology, magick and ritual to get the most out of work and life. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) at how naturally stripping and witchiness intersect.

Without telling us the tricks of the trade, how do you read the stars, sun, moon and planets?
A little light math, astronomy and whole lot of research. I take a look at all the positions and movements of the planets (including the Sun and Moon, or “luminaries,” both considered planets in astrology) and how they’re interacting with each other, then interpret their most probable influence on us Earthlings.

Do you have any astrologers in your family?

No, but I do have an astrophysicist and a ton of scientists.

Most strippers are believe in star signs, why do you think so many women are obsessed with horoscopes?
I love strippers. We are notoriously superstitious folk, probably the combined result of being highly sensitive (or empathic) and fluent in the language of energy — for some, a prerequisite to the work itself — and living somewhat unpredictable lives. We are adept at reading signs of all kinds to predict behaviour and outcomes, survival occasionally depends on it.

I think it’s clear that the world is undergoing a transformation of consciousness. So many people — including non-stripper civilians, men, women and everyone else — are seeking new ways of seeing and being, especially when it comes to spirituality, lifestyle and coping. Looking at the world through a lens of astrology is just another part of awakening.

Usually when it is Full Moon, customers in the club get extremely kinkier, weirder and more aggressive than usual. Strippers will often express “What’s going on with tonight?” and another would reply “It’s Full Moon” and somehow that explains their behaviours! What is your theories on these unusual behaviours? Why does Full Moon make humans act more peculiar?
So many factors can make a Full Moon seem more intense, and each unique personality will feel and experience it differently based on their natal chart and astrological makeup. (We’re not just our Sun sign — our personalities comprise all 12 signs and more!)

The simplified answer is that Full Moons are the most illuminated and “biggest” lunar phase, providing a well of energy that affects all of nature, from human and animal behaviour to tides and even agriculture. Full Moons are generally super abundant in energy, which can definitely cause some to start feeling themselves and act out more than usual, or even in unusual ways. This is opposite New Moons, or when the moon isn’t visible in the sky, which tend to chill things out to a sleepy, introspective degree.

Do you feel you already know the outcome of relationships based on knowing their star sign?
No, not always. Our personalities are tailor-made: You’re not just your Sun sign, you’re many signs and factors woven together richly. In love and partnership, your ascendant (rising), Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury hold more sway. Though I can probably make some decent predictions on how they may react to each other based on Sun signs.

What are some of the best questions to ask an astrologer?
The best thing you can do is pay a professional astrologer to interpret your natal chart. I think that conversation with an astrologer alone answers many questions you aren’t necessarily conscious of on the daily. It’s one of the most mind-opening experiences you could have.

Any advice for girls wanting to become an astrologer?
Research, study and read your favourite astrologers’ as much as possible. Take an astrology class: Many occult / metaphysical bookstores and spiritual healing centers offer courses on astrology, I’m sure there’s quite a few online, too.

Lastly, did you foresee someone wanting to interview (or question) you haha?
Ha! Not exactly… But I have been harnessing the Fire of Aries Season to build more as a writer and in my spiritual practice.

Like they say: “If you build it, they will come.”

Thanks again, Seraphina for answering our questions!

Follow her on Instagram – @witch.slut

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