Speak his language

Men are like puppies. Some can be very naughty, some can be well behaved, some can be timid, shy, and others can be utterly, utterly adorable. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and breeds but they all want the bone… and then to bone.

What’s important for us to understand is that they can be taught. But first you need to understand how to speak their language so you can communicate with them more affectively.  

VAK is learning style models that are the most common ways people (or in this case our man puppies) learn; Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic.

  • Visual: a visually-dominant learner absorbs and retains information better when it is presented in.
  • Auditory: an auditory-dominant learner prefers listening to what is being presented. He or she responds best to voices.
  • Kinesthetic: a kinesthetic-dominant learner prefers a physical experience. She likes a “hands-on” approach and responds well to being able to touch or feel an object or learning prop.

How does this benefit you?
Well by communicating to them in their learning style will make them like spending time with you because they will feel you are similar to them. Communicating well will create a close relationship in which you understand each other’s feelings, ideas and usually resulting in $ – Yay!

A Visual customer will usually look you straight in the eye (which can be very confronting) and take scanning looks over your body. They’ll speak quicker and possibly use lots of gestures.

He will say things like “I was watching you on stage” and “Look” glance somewhere to envision what they’re about to explain. “I see what you mean” or “I get the picture” when you’ve explained something to them.

The best way to speak a visual customers language is to keep their gaze and don’t be shy when they look at your breasts, push them out more. Lure them in by licking your lips or casually touch your favourite assets you want to draw their attention to.

Speak enthusiastically and also use gestures with the same kind of language for them to unconsciously feel like they have a connection with you. Use phrases like “Want to see more?” “Watch me” and “I look better naked”.

An Auditory customer will usually lean his ear or tilt his head in your direction to hear you better. He will probably speak slower and clearer with a better vocabulary. He might sway slightly or dance around a lot to the music.

He’ll say things like “I’m listening”, “That rings a bell” “I hear what you’re saying” or “That sounds great”.

When seducing an auditory customer lean into his ear and whisper clearly to him. Don’t mumble or stutter. Mimic his speed of talking and make noises like “Mmm” or sigh longingly.

Say phrases such as “I hear what you mean” and “Listen, would you like to come somewhere more private with me?” If you dance for him, talk sexually, make soft noises or breath lightly into his ear. Humming or sing to the music will also stimulate him.

A Kinesthetic customer will usually fidget, will use hand gestures, he’ll pull you into him and be very touchy-feely. They can sometimes not understand the need for personal space and can test your limits with touching. You might notice the speed of them speaking matching the speed of their hands moving.

Usually their voices are much more deeper and they’ll say things like “I feel you” “I’m a bit out of touch of how things work around here” “Let me try” or “I can’t put my finger on it” and “Can you handle me?”  

When your kinaesthetic customer grabs you, guide his hands so he doesn’t touch you inappropriately. This means you have control and can still maintain connection with him. If he hasn’t touched you but you notice him fidgeting, hold his hand or touch his knee. Run your nails over his back and touch him lightly, this will spark his senses and create arousement.

Speak at his pace in a seductive tone. Say phrases like “I’m touched you think that”, “I feel good” and “How do you feel about going somewhere more private?”

This customer is most likely the guy you have to ask sit up cause he’s slouching. He’ll be the customer who begins giving you a massage and has creeping hands. You’ll think he’s a bit of a creep but it’s just because he prefers a physical experience. At the beginning of the dance explain that it’s a non-touching club and what area’s are off limits.

Don’t yell at him (at first) “NO TOUCHING” cause this will ruin the connection you’ve created, just redirect his hands. 

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