Willpower is a pretty difficult thing to plucker up when you do not give a shit, which strippers have a lot of.

Reasons why strippers don’t give a shit

  1. Because you became a stripper. You went against societies wishes and entered the industry with a big middle finger held up to societies thoughts – fuck yeah!
  2. Cause you’ve heard it all from men and you literally do not give a shit.

So let’s have a think about what you actually do give a shit about ($) and proceed to use that as motivation to get to work and hustle. Lets maybe put some glitter in this page so you can return when you need motivation.

Firstly, I get it. One hundred rejections in and your trying not to take it to heart. You’ve gone from what’s wrong with these guys, to what’s wrong with me, to crying on the change room couches, to pulling yourself together by applying for ‘normal’ jobs whist scrolling through university courses on your phone, planning on becoming an engineer. Cause you’ve had enough of putting yourself out there and being vulnerable anymore. You’re in the biggest moody bitch mood and interacting with other human beings is fucking hard basket.

Let me just remind you that this job is 90% rejection. Unless you stupid fucking hot, then it’s 87% rejection.

The art of getting your ass back up on the floor

If you’re motivated by:


Envision yourself rolling around in mountains of cash. Reapply lippy and go straight upstairs to the ATM. Nothing will re-inspire you more than a mans face aglow from the ATM


Tape a picture/s of the things you want to your locker or room. Get upstairs and talk vaguely about it to customers, they might get motivated to spend money on you by your enthusiasm – people like investing in winners. Customers wanna feel apart of the win!

Get pissed off

You know what’s sexy? An angry woman. Watch the power of negative thinking turn things around. Channel that anger girl & take a different approach. Be sassy & fired up: don’t accept no for an answer!


The ego boost – Beyoncé is the epitome of adulation. What’s interesting is when you hold yourself in such a manor people begin to become obsessed with you. It’s much easier to make money then when customers just want to give it all to you. Use it as fuel honey.


Imagine yourself later on the next day having made no money. You’ll be frustrated, ashamed and very annoyed with yourself. Get on floor and make some money.

Some other ways of getting your booty poopin ass into gear is the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins. She says the way your brain is wired is that when your thoughts and feelings are at war (frequently happens in the strip club) your feelings are always going to win. Why? Ever noticed how during romantic situations emotions trump logic, yeah it’s the same as that.

So the 5 seconds rule is similar to dropping food on the ground. You pick it up within 5 seconds eat it and carry on like none the better, moving on from the moment within, you guessed it, 5 seconds.

Yes, ew gross but the point is not giving yourself too much time to overthink it. You can’t sit around waiting for motivation to come. It’s not going to happen. You’re never gonna feel like going to talk to the customers upstairs. That’s why they PAY to spend time with you. You do need to train your brain to actively get upstairs and work. It’s always hard to go to the gym. Once you’re there its not really so bad. When you physically start to move, you create new habits and begin erasing existing ones.

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