Six scientifically validated principles of persuasion – Get him to say YES!

Based on Dr Cialdini’s groundbreaking book, Influence, I have applied the six universal principles of persuasion that have been scientifically proven to make you more effective at getting customers to say “yes” to getting a lapdance.

Here’s how you can use these methods in club. 

  1. Reciprocity – people are obligated to give back if generosity is given first when personalised or unexpected.

When a guy asked for a cigarette I only had one left. I gave it to him BUT let him know it was my last cigarette. He in return asked for a private dance.

A guy gave me $50 to give his mate a lapdance. Once the dance was over I suggested he return the generosity and get his mate one, he reached into his wallet and handed me a $100 for me to give his mate a dance.

***Word of warning – personalised & unexpected is key. When a guy begged me to go for a song longer after the dance had finished, claiming afterwards he would pay another $50, I obliged thinking he would, as I thought it was an act of reciprocity, but rudely he didn’t***

  1. Scarcity – becoming a scarce resource will increase your value. 

Look busy, I cannot stress this enough, men will see you as hard working and desirable. Don’t be frequently doing laps around the room not speaking to anyone.

When a guy says “maybe later” this isn’t a no. Smile sweetly and say “I’ll try and be available for you.” By you acting polite, this puts the power back in your favour, he’s had his chance and now he’ll be thinking about what he’ll be losing out on. I’ve literally had men track me down in the lapdances rooms asking when I’ll be available next.

  1. Authority – people follow the lead of credible knowledgeable experts

Becoming the best of the best is a lot of work but it’s a great way for managers, bar staff, regulars and new clients to see they’d get their monies worth from you, a professional stripper. Here’s a few ways to demonstrate that and get the clubs validation.

  • Be a showgirl – not only will your dancing be improved but the club will also ask you to perform for bucks parties and birthday events.
  • Help promotional the club by being on marketing material – clients constantly be seeing you on posters and in their mind be placing you on a pedestal and creating more desire.
  • Have your own social media accounts promoting yourself – great way for customers to feel like they know you and have things in common, again creating desire. Usually they will message you asking when you’re working.

Not only those benefits but also if a customer asks the bartenders, waitresses or bussie who they think they should go for a dance with you’re more likely to get recommendation because you are constantly working hard around the club.

  1. Consistency – small commitments increase peoples willingness to say yes

Sometimes on slow nights you can form an in-club relationship with small commitments. If someone is standing at the bar, watching the stage and you know you have a table soon, go up to him and make small chat then say “I have to go on stage now, I’ll come back soon and maybe we could have a drink together” If you’re a good dancer maybe cheekily add “Don’t watch me on stage, I’m a dreadful dancer!”

Once you come back, hopefully he should have a drink waiting and he’ll be exclaiming you’re a great dancer. Accept the compliment with a giggle and then ask him “should we go somewhere more private so I can practice on you?”

Alternatively, if it’s a busy night and a guy says “maybe” ask him when would suit him and if you’re free come back at that time. Usually people a more prone to keep commitments that they make and he might be grateful you remembered.

  1. Liking – people prefer to say yes:
  • To people who are similar to them
    Best way to achieve this is to find/identity a similarity you both have in common before asking for a dance. Try using the 10 questions to help you find that mutual interest.
  • To people who pay us compliments
    When complimenting a customer make sure it’s genuine, possibly cheeky and definitely not offensive
  • To people who cooperate with us
    Genuinely ask the customer what he was want from tonight and then try and fit his needs. “What’s the occasion?” is the best way to figure this out.
  1. Consensus – people will look to the actions and behaviours of other to determine their own.
    Again look busy and if you have a fat wad of money on your wrist you are more inclined to get lapdances from customers because they’ll think that you are popular and in-demand.

Another way to achieve this is by receiving good reviews on social media posts and lots of likes during self-promotion online.

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