Exotic Cancer’s Art Explains What It’s Like to be a Stripper

Exotic Cancer is channeling her life as a Stripper into art and building a profitable business, and we can’t get enough! Her hilarious, yet accurate digital drawings makes viewers laugh at the insightful experiences of what goes on at the Strip Club and reminds us that Stripper’s are human beings who like all of us, grow hair. She kindly found time to share her thoughts about what life is like on and off the stage as artist and dancer.

Exotic Cancer’s art has been greatly received by the stripper community. What do you think makes your art so relatable to strippers?
My art is heavily influenced from my experiences as a stripper, and I know so many girls experience similar situations. I do also have non-stripper friends who have told me they find my art relatable in relation to being a female and trying to navigate life in a world full of creepy men.

How did you come up with Exotic Cancer?
I had to take some time off work due to an injury, and I had so much stripper energy within me that I felt the need to release hahaha. I also got a new iPad at the time and decided to try out digital drawing. The first thing I drew was the large stripper squatting over a pile of money, holding a cigarette. I didn’t want to post it on my regular artist profile so I made a separate one, and called it @exotic.cancer.. and that was that!

What about the name?
Contrary to popular belief, my star sign is not Cancer. I’m a Sagittarius. But I started dancing in July so a cancer is my sign for when myself as a baby stripper was born, if you want to get all astrological. Apart from that, I think the word Cancer rhyming with dancer, as a medical term, fits quite well with the kind of things I draw, which is like the negative side of things, the opposite of being a glamorous dancer.

You’ve endured some backlash over drawing stubble and hair on strippers in area’s such as legs and underarms, nipples and vagina. How do you feel about the comment?
The only people complaining about it is men, and girls that feel better about themselves for making a point of it on the internet. So if anything it amuses me that people feel the need to complain about body hair, on a drawing, that really doesn’t affect their life in any way shape or form. Good on them!

How long does it take for you do draw an average drawing?
They usually take about 1-2 hours. Some more or less. Depends how much sketching or detail goes into them.

You’ve started experimenting with your art work choosing holographic, mirror stickers and such. Is that progress of drawings much different to usual?
The progress is all the same. I’ll just send the drawing to the sticker manufacturer and request for certain parts to be certain materials.

Many women within the industry can relate to what you draw. Some of Exotic Cancer’s art outline customers rude comments and the things they do. How do you think this helps Strippers?
I think it’s good to call out such poor behaviour. These kinds of posts tend to start conversations between strippers who can all relate, it’s nice knowing you’re not the only one experiencing these things. Some of the girls come up with pretty good come-backs for these things too! And maybe if men can see that nobody is impressed with what they say, they might think twice and save us all the mental exhaustion from listening to their shit.

What do you love about Stripping?
I love the money, obviously. But second to that I really like the freedom that it gives me, working only weekends and being financially stable is such a blessing. And of course all the lovely girls you meet and friends you make along the way.

You’re illustrations are really good! Did you study art?

I’ve always been creative, and I studied graphic design, which I’ve now graduated from. Currently, I’m taking a short course in animation/motion design, which is fun!

Congratulations on graduatingWere you stripping while you were studying? How did it help you?
I was stripping whilst studying and it definitely helped me a lot. I didn’t have to worry about being the typical poor student and I had plenty of free time to focus on my studies. 

What advice would you have for any girls in the industry thinking about making stripper related art?
Go for it! I think if you want to draw something, whatever it is, just do it.

In your latest post on Instagram, you wrote ‘a long weekend of scamming men’ in your post, you got mansplained about what stripping ‘should’ be about. Did that make you laugh?
Yes! It’s so silly that some people take my art that seriously. I always get someone sharing their negative opinion on my posts. People just love to find anything to be offended by these days. People love to argue.

Do you have any financial goals you are hustling towards?
I guess my financial goals is to just be smart with my money and invest it. I used to want to buy property but I’ve since decided that I’d rather invest it into shares, which has been going really well.

Would you advocate for strippers to learn how to investing in the share market?
Definitely! I think so many girls just don’t even think about it. Or they want to buy property. There’s so many other ways to build wealth that isn’t getting a huge mortgage so that’s why I’m very much in favour of investing in shares. And because we are generally so young and financially well off, we can afford to throw money into shares and potentially lose. If it doesn’t work out, so what, you’ll make it back in a week at work anyway. Being young and having disposable income, for me, makes it okay to take on high risk (yet high reward) investments. Personally I think there’s no better time to invest.

What are some cons & pros when stripping vs having a 9-5 job?
Cons of a 9-5: For starters the share market is open between those hours and it makes it hard to keep up with my investments. Not to mention the boring schedule. I’m not a morning person. It makes it impossible for me to get to the post office. I miss all my deliveries. Having your income capped to an hourly rate. I could go on and on, really. Stripping solves all those problems!

Pros of 9-5: Stability & nothing else!

Who’s your inspiration?
My inspiration for most of my art is gross, filthy, desperate, pathetic, horny men. Hey, at least they can be useful for something!

I completely agree with investing your money in shares and creating other streams of future income. Thank you Exotic Cancer for taking the time out to answer our questions.

You can shop for prints, pins and stickers at https://exoticcancer.com/.

Follow Exotic Cancer on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/exotic.cancer/?hl=en


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